2018 marblehead roster

1 Vagabond Marc and Sophie Migliazzo
2 Elektra Greg Mancusi-Ungaro
4 Relapse Steve Barrett
7 Gypsy Bruce Dyson
16 Tango Ian and Rachel Morrison
29 Desperado Joseph Schwartz and Kevin Chesley
33 Small Hotel Matt and Weatherly Emans
45 Pompano Petter Etholm and Elisabeth Steinfield
46 Viking Greg Mancusi-Ungaro
47 Princess Chris Hood (restoration)
49 Kungsornen Herb Motley
51 Sagacious Tim Dittrich
76 Spirit Peter Stahle
107 Cetius Todd Sparling
130 Javelin Bill Widnall
151 Saga Ted Cook

One Design Principles

Since it's founding, the International Class has remained committed to the tradition of testing sailing skills in equally equipped yachts. The Class' extensive one-design rules endeavor to ensure that the hulls, rigs and sails of the racing yachts are near equal as possible. All International owners agree to honor this Class principle. To keep costs low and ensure the most equal sails possible, the fleet votes each year on what sail, if any, will be purchased. (Typically, mainsails are sailed for six seasons, and jibs and spinnakers are sailed for three seasons each before replacement.) The sails are ordered in a single lot from the local fleet's official sailmaker, who pledges to make them as near equal as possible. No recutting, or use of alternate sails is permitted. To further equalize the playing field during International and Interfleet regattas, a change-boat series is presented by the host fleet. Competitors do not bring their own boats to such an event, rather they are invited to sail in the boats of the host fleet. The local representative is prohibited, by rule, from sailing their own boat. Boats are rotated after every race, or at some events, each day.

Fleets Around the World

International One Design World Class Association

Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada
Fishers Island, New York
Long Island Sound, New York
Nantucket, Massachusetts
Northeast Harbor, Maine
San Francisco, California
St. Mawes, Cornwall, England